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Christmas has been and gone and hopefully you have been experiencing your wonderful new Xbox Series X and/or S – welcome all you new owners!

It’s all well and good getting a shiny new machine, but what good is it if you’re not getting the most out of the thing? Below, we’ve added several nifty tips and tricks you might wanna check out to help enjoy your Xbox-gaming experience to the fullest.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Xbox Home Screen personalisation has been a thing for a while now – even the 360 let us pick custom backgrounds towards the end. But, times have changed and the Series consoles let us go even further with custom images, colours, and even dynamic themes! The videos above will help you navigate the menus to add some much need customisation to your machine.

Moving Notifications

There has been many a time that we’ve playing a game, happily reading the captions of a pivotal story moment or fighting for our life in a tense Battle Royale match when suddenly an achievement pops or a message from a friend appeared on the screen. This notification blocked the text we were trying to read! However, we can now move those pesky notifications to appear elsewhere on the screen Check out the video above for the details on how to do this. Now we’ll have to find another excuse as to why we keep dying during a round of Apex Legends

Creating/Deleting Groups

Need a little help keeping your gaming on track? Create a group of your favourite games and pin them to the Home Screen. You can have multiple groups/pins for anything like games that need completing, your top apps and even one for those achievement games you need to finish.

Elite V2 Controller Customisable Light

If you have an Elite V2 controller – or are looking to pick up one of your own design from Xbox Design Labs – you can now customise the Xbox Jewel (that sleek Xbox logo on in the of the pad) from white to almost any colour you wish. You can even have a different colour for each of the three custom profiles!

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is the somewhat-secret cheat code for Xbox gamers to get fantastic deals on games, Xbox Live or Game Pass subs, or even third party shops, restaurants and more. By checking out the Rewards homepage and completing a handful of quick tasks each day, you’ll be surprised how fast the points rack up. Add that to the Rewards app on console, where you can earn points for gaining achievements, playing certain games at certain times, or even buying things off the store, and you can pretty easily get a large amount of points in a short amount of time. If you’re not already checking it out, you’re leaving what amounts to free money on the table – so just get to it!

Game Pass Ultimate Perks

If you have subscribed to the ‘best deal in gaming’ then you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sub. Game Pass Ultimate Perks are one extra, gifting players with things such as in game DLC, free trials to other services, bonus currency/XP and much more. Much like the Rewards program, this feels like a bit of a hidden extra at times, so make sure you head to your Game Pass app on the console to get what’s available!

Hopefully you found these tips and tricks useful – come back again soon as we’ll this updated with any new helpful guides we think could be of use!

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