The Best Deals on the Xbox Store This Week: 20th June 2023

The Xbox store features plenty of great deals each and every week – usually, almost too many to wade through! Each week, a new batch is added and keeping on top of these can be daunting.

Well, dear reader, let us give you a helping hand. Below, we pick a few of our favourites from the titles on offer in the hope of helping you find your next favourite game.

Before we start though: are you aware of the Microsoft Rewards Program? The short version is it’s a great way to get money off – or even totally free – games. Want more info? Check out our guide on how to get the most out of this essential service.

Also, don’t forget to Wishlist titles you’re interested in. This way, when they go on sale Xbox will send you a notification which is always handy.

Right, on to our picks this week:

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is currently 50% off.

Read Jamie’s review here

Deal ends 30th June

Xbox Store link

Blair Witch

Blair Witch is currently 75% off.

Read Jamie B’s review here

Deal ends 27th June

Xbox Store link


Lake is currently 35% off.

Jamie’s review is here

Deal ends 27th June

Xbox Store link

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