The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Episode 1 Review

Telltale is back with The Expanse, a Space Action/Adventure game in the style of the beloved Telltale series. All episodes for this game are expected to be out by 21st September 2023. This current review will be ongoing and have “mini-review scores” for each episode. Once all episodes are out we will drop the final review score.

You take control of Camina Drummer an Executive Officer aboard the Artemis. The crew on Artemis are scavengers looking for the payday of a lifetime, under the supervision of Captain Cox.

In episode 1 you stumble across ship wreckage from The Ushanabi, once onboard you slowly get clues as to why the Ushanabi is in the way it is. There is some new movement in The Expanse which is a welcome addition, jetpacking across parts of the ship and using your gravity boots to land and travesre the space decks is pretty cool. This episode lasts about an hour and 20 ish minutes. This also depends on how much you explore the wreckage.


Overall, this is a good first outing for The Expanse: A Telltale Series. The et up for the season has me intrigued, and the gameplay improvements are most welcome indeed. I eagerly await the rest of the season.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox S|X review code, using an Xbox S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Tight gameplay
  • Interesting story
  • Relatively short, with a 2 week buffer between episodes
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