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What is Project Game Pass?

At the beginning of each month the hosts from the Xbox Tavern podcast – Xpod Tavern – will pick a game from Xbox Game Pass to play for the month. Each episode the hosts will discuss points about the game, as well as a final verdict before picking a new title for the next month.

Feel free to play along and let us know your thoughts on the games we choose in the comments or or our weekly Podcast stream on YouTube every Sunday at 8pm!

One of the hosts will try and stream at least one play session with the game or create some videos on either YouTube or Twitch.

Current Project Game Pass Title
July – Exoprimal

Previous Project Game Pass Titles
At the end of the month each host of Xpod Tavern will give the chosen game a score out of 10 to me privately, and the average will be given below as our official podcast verdict.

June 2023 – Cassette Beasts
PGP teams average score –

Our discussion on Cassette Beasts is timestamped above

May 2023 – Redfall
PGP teams average score –
Our official review can be found here

April 2023 – Ghostwire: Tokyo
PGP teams average score –

March 2023 – Atomic Heart
PGP teams average score –

February 2023 – Hi-Fi Rush
PGP teams average score – 7.2

Here, we discuss our final verdict of Hi-Fi Rush

January 2023 – Deathloop
PGP teams average score – 8.8

August 2022 – Escape Academy
PGP teams average score – 7.9 (Only four members voted)
You can find Jamie’s review here: Escape Academy Review

July 2022 – Fall Guys
PGP teams average score – 8.8

June 2022 – Sniper Elite 5
PGP teams average score: 5.5
Our review here, by Peter Russell: Sniper Elite 5 Review

May 2022 – Trek to Yomi
PGP teams average score: 6.4
Our review here, by James Davis: Trek to Yomi Review

April 2022 – Dead By Daylight
PGP teams average score: 5.7 (Only four members voted)
No Official Review yet

March 2022 – Second Extinction
PGP teams average score: 7.7
No Official Review yet

January / Feburary 2022 – Rainbow Six: Extraction
PGP teams average score: 6.9
You can find out official review here:
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Review – Xbox Tavern

December 2021 / January 2022 – Halo Infinite
PGP teams average score: 8.4
You can find our official review here:
Halo Infinite Review – Xbox Tavern

November 2021 – Forza Horizon 5
PGP teams average score: 7.2
You can find our official review by James here:
Forza Horizon 5 Review – Xbox Tavern

October 2021 – Back 4 Blood
PGP teams average score: 7.2
You can find our official site review by Varnell here:
Back 4 Blood Review – Xbox Tavern

September 2021 – Psychonauts 2
PGP teams average score: 5.4
Our official review, by Carlos:
Psychonauts 2 Review – Xbox Tavern

August 2021 – The Ascent
PGP teams average score: 6.9
Our official review, by Jamie: https://www.xboxtavern.com/the-ascent-review/

July 2021 – Forza Horizon 4
PGP teams average score: 6.7
Our official review, by Joe: https://www.xboxtavern.com/forza-horizon-4-review/

June 2021 – Knockout City
PGP team average score: 6.9

May 2021 – Rainbow Six Siege
PGP Teams average score: 8.3

April 2021 – Fallout 76
PGP Teams average score: 4.7
Our official review, by Mark: https://www.xboxtavern.com/fallout-76-review/

March 2021 – Killer Queen Black
PGP Teams average score: 7.8
Our official review, by Jamie: https://www.xboxtavern.com/killer-queen-black-review/

February 2021 – Project Winter
PGP Teams average score: 7

The Teams Personal Favourite Project Game Pass title so far:
Ian: Forza Horizon 4
Jamie: Killer Queen Black
Ross: Rainbow Six Siege
Dan: Knockout City
Graham: The Ascent

We do look for people to join us too, especially if it’s a multiplayer game.
If you want to take part or follow along with the gang, there are a few places you can keep up with them, ask questions, or provide your own feedback.

First is YouTube, where each and every Sunday at 8pm(ish) the podcast is live at: https://www.youtube.com/XboxTavernOfficial. Jump into our live chat and be a part of the podcast.

Next up is Discord. We have a Project Game Pass channel for all discussions around the current game and you’re more than welcome to join us there. https://discord.gg/Ctby39xz

Lastly is Twitter. We love interacting with you all on all our platforms so tag us in a tweet about your thoughts on Project Game Pass or suggest a game we should play! @xboxtavern

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