Xbox Tavern’s Ones to Watch for August 2023

Wondering what games are coming to Xbox this month? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest and most interesting releases right here for you, complete with links to trailers (when available).

Aug 8th
WrestleQuest – Mad Cat Games

Wrestling games often focus on the action in the ring in arcade format, but WrestleQuest mixes this up with turn-based RPG approach. Instead of mana and magic, we get clotheslines and powerbombs, and a whole host of other moves familiar to fans and even classic real world wrestling faces like Macho Man Randy Savage, DDP, Jake The Snake Roberts and more. Our time with the recent ID@Xbox demo left us wanting to see the final game, and hopefully it’ll be a sloberknocker of game.

Aug 22nd
Immortals of Aveum – EA

After being delayed a month, this single player magic-based adventure has been getting a lot of love recently, and EA are clearly banking on it being a big deal. It looks pretty lovely, and the magic flavour to ‘gunplay’ looks interesting indeed. Not long now to find out if it’s worth a punt.

Aug 31st
Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy – THQ Nordic

The Trine series has traditionally flew a little too under the radar for our liking – it’s an incredible series of physics-based platforming and combat that wraps up with satisfying gameplay with stunning, colourful visuals and a charming tale of magic and wonder. That we’re on the fifth outing fills us with hope that the series might yet get its day in the sun, and you can be sure we’ll have our verdict up on the site towards the end of the month.

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