Product Reviews

GameSir G7 SE Controller Review

A lightweight wired fairly priced controller with programmable buttons for quick access and assistance.

8.2 Great

PowerA MOGA XP Ultra Review

A modular controller from PowerA that is perfect for bouncing between gaming styles

9.5 Excellent
Ewin Champion Series Chair

Ewin Champion Series Chair Review

From its overall comfort to its convenient and nice features, the Ewin Champion Series Chair is a great option for those who want a great starter gaming chair for an affordable price ($359)

8.5 Great

SCUF Instinct Pro Controller Review

A top tier controller from the masers at SCUF

9.9 Excellent

Trust Lyra Keyboard & Mouse Review

A decent K&M option for gaming, but far more suited to getting words on a screen

8.7 Great

Gamesir T4 Kaleid Review

A solid, and fairly priced, controller for PC, Cloud, and Switch gaming.

8.5 Great

PowerA Fusion Pro 3 Review

Another exceptional controller for those who don't mind the wire

9.7 Excellent

DEPGI Xbox Series S Portable Monitor Review

Corey takes a look at a portable monitor that fits right over and attaches to your Xbox Series S. Is it worth it? Let's find out!

8.5 Great

Gamesir X2 Pro Review

More mobile and cloud gaming goodness from Gamesir - but is the X2 Pro the ultimate solution?

7 Good

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