Akane Review

Akane isn’t a game that is driven by a narrative. That being said what it lacks in a story, it makes up for it with high-action gameplay with a gorgeous cyberpunk aesthetic to go along with it. Of course, with the title’s hack and slash arena-based combat, it can get a tad bit repetitive. Whether you enjoy Akane or not comes down to one simple word: endurance.

The story is simple and straight to the point. You pay as Akane, a ronin, whose parents were murdered by the mob when she was four years old. She now wants revenge against every Yakuza member. She has found herself backed into a corner fighting a bunch of Yakuza members. She knows that she’s gonna die, so she gives one last heroic effort to take as many enemies down with her. And that’s the whole setup you need in order to play. While I would like to see more backstory for Akane and how exactly did she end up in this situation or why is she fighting for her life, it isn’t necessary for the gameplay as it ultimately wouldn’t matter.

Akane Fighting Yakuza Members

Akane is an arena-type game that has you killing enemies that spawn from different corners and sides of the map. Equipped with only a gun and a blade it’s up to you to kill as many enemies as possible. Despite Akane coming off as this Yakuza-killing badass, if an enemy hits you one time, it’s game over. It definitely adds to the challenge aspect of the game as I found myself trying to beat my kill count and chain higher combos. Once you hit 100 kills bosses begin to spawn adding to the challenge. Their move-sets are the same every time so once you learn them after a few times it gets easier.

While you play, there are certain challenges you can complete to unlock more gear and weapons for Akane to use. Some of them change up how you move, grant you more skills to use, and change up how your gun shoots. Some of the challenges are…well… a challenge and some are easier than others. One has you getting a 50-chain combo while the other can be kist killing 3 tank enemies. The gameplay itself can get a bit boring after a while. The arena-based survival can only hold people for so long. It all becomes rhythmic and stale after a while.

The music is very cyberpunk-esque and feels like it was pulled out of something like John Wick. It’s enough to keep you immersed in battle and keeps the adrenalin pumping. The music mixed with the graphics and cyberpunk aesthetic is pristine and adds to the game’s charm.


For its asking price, you should definitely give Akane a try. Just because the game is lacking on the content side it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any enjoyment to be had. If you play the game in a short burst or for maybe an hour or two at a time, you’ll come to love the hack and slash brawler to its full potential.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox Series X/S. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Immersive Combat and Environment
  • Impressive Music and Sound Design
  • Neat Challenge System
  • Lacking A Story Narrative
  • Combat Can Get Stale
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