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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Review

The story behind Ed-0: Zombie Uprising isn’t something to rave about, however, what it lacks in story, it makes up for through gameplay. 

8 Great

The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Episode 1 Review

Is telltale back with a bang, or will they just float away into the sun?

8 Great

Layers of Fear (2023) Review

Bloober are back with a reimagined horror experience, but is it worth a look?

6.3 Okay

Fall of Porcupine Review

Can a pigeon practice medicine, can AJ find the soundtrack on Spotify? Some of these questions are answered in Fall of Porcupine.

6.7 Okay

Itorah Review

With beautiful Mesoamerican influences and its heart in the right place, how is Itorah's gameplay?

6.7 Okay

Demon Skin Review

 Need a tough action platformer in your life. Then Demon Skin will put you through your paces.

7.9 Good

Teslagrad 2 Review

Electrifying platforming abound in Rain Games’ follow up to their 2013 original

8.9 Great

War Mongrels Review

A mangy dog of a game, which proves not all canines go to heaven

2 Awful

The Library of Babel Review

Babelling away in a library, AJ struggles with the stealth.

5.7 Average
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  • 9

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