Clunky Hero Review

A story-driven Metroidvania RPG that fans of British humour might wanna check out.

6.8 Okay

REDO! Review

Corey backtracks in this gritty, post apocalyptic metroidvania. It's a REDO! review!

6.5 Okay

Souldiers Review

Souldiers has so much potential, but bugs, unresponsive controls, and unnecessary difficulty hold it back from the front lines of the Metroidvania genre.

7 Good

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Review

An action RPG with a unique fighting game-style combat system and a mature aesthetic that falls well short of the mark due to lackluster level design and difficulty that is far more annoying than chal...

4.9 Poor

Aeterna Noctis Review

Do you love challenging platforming, large maps and combat? Maybe Aeterna Noctis is for you! Corey reviews this new metroidvania so you can decide!

7.3 Good

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth Review

Wonder Labyrinth features Team Ladybug's stunning hi-fi pixel art and checks off all the Metroidvania boxes, but it feels like a cookie-cutter affair bringing nothing new to the genre.

7.1 Good

Trash Quest Review

A fast-paced compact Metroidvania staring a trash-loving raccoon. It might be small in size, but it's not lacking any of the elements fans of the genre have grown to love.

7.8 Good

Unsighted Review

An exquisitely designed top-down Metroidvania (yes, that can exist). There is so much content and fan service packed into this game, I was initially worried that it might have bitten off more than it ...

9.7 Excellent

Sheepo Review

A quirky 2D Metroidvania, that leaves its mark thanks to interesting abilities, an eye-catching art style, a stellar soundtrack, and engaging combat-free gameplay. 

8.7 Great
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